1000th Surgery from Nutrition Program at GC4 - Mission Smile

The GC4 Nutrition Program Team is delighted to inform that Suhani Pati, a two years and six months old child from Dhemaji District of Assam and the 1000th patient from the Nutrition Program successfully underwent Cleft Lip surgery today Oct. 20th, 2016.

Born to daily wages parents Heramba and Rajkumari Pati of Village –Jiadhel, Block – Dhighagara, District –Dhemaji in Assam, a distance of about 500 kms from Guwahati. Suhani was born with normal birth weight of 2 kgs 800 gms. However, due to her cleft lip and cleft palate, she could not suckle breast milk and complementary food was not introduced properly so she could not gain weight.

When Suhani was brought to GC4 for the first time on 16th March 2015 when she was 11 months old and her weight was only 3.8 kgs. She gained 1 kg of weight in the entire 11 months of her life. She was enrolled in the Nutrition Program and the parents were given counselling, advice on nutrient rich and energy dense food, feeding methods, frequencies with locally available homemade food and hygiene etc.


Suhani Before the Cleft lip surgery

Reaching to them was a challenge for monitoring of Suhani’s progress as they have changed their mobile number. Their coming to GC4 on a regular basis was a challenge due to their financial status, cost of travelling and losing of their daily earning due to long distance.


Suhani and her parents with the GC4 team

Phone calls and monitoring were done through ASHA and Anganwadi. Mother was very cooperative and her determination to fix her child’s deformity. Today Suhani is 2 years and six months old and her weight is 10 kgs. She has successfully underwent cleft lip surgery and is resting with her mother in the pre-post-operative ward.

Today, Oct. 20th, 2016, it is with great joy and humility that I share with you this update at the achievement of this significant milestone. While thanking each and every member of the amazing GC4 team including Suhani’s Surgeon: Hemanta and Anesthesiologist Pranjal, Scrub Nurse Ringsophy.

I would like to make a special mention of the efforts put in by Moromi, Dr Debnath, Dr Dhruba and our Nurses team in making this happen.

It is stories like this that make our journey worthwhile.

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