9 years wait for a Smile - Mission Smile


Sahirul Ali was the 2nd child of Sahidul Sahui (Father) and Mumtaz Bibi (Mother). Unlike his other brothers, he was born with Cleft Lip. Though they had few other children in the village born with this deformity, having their own child with this deformity was totally different.

Although, when Sahirul was born, the doctor explained them the problem and explained that this deformity can be cured, their modest income prevented them from looking at measures to correct their child’s deformity. Sahidul works as a farmer in his village and Mumtaz Bibi is a housewife. Hence, Sahirul had to wait for more than 9 years to get back his Smile.

During our Pre-mission campaign in their village, his family was able to know about the Kolkata mission which would correct deformity of 100 children. He, along with his family visited the pre-screening camp, where he was selected to attend the screening camp at the mission site.


Sahirul’s along with his family visited the mission site and he was selected for the surgery procedure. His surgery was performed under utmost care. The family was surprised to see the change in their son’s face. The broken lip is changed into a beautiful smile. The family thanked Mission Smile to add colours to their son’s life!

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