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Mocking someone for their facial or physical deformity is a common social evil. Yet you cannot escape being ridiculed for your ‘different’ looks. Unfortunately, such is our social scenario. Now imagine a kindergarten child being made fun of for looking ‘different’ from the rest of his classmates! What impact would it have on the young mind?

bipro smile story

A withdrawal symptom is a common occurrence among youngsters who are being laughed at. Sadly, children born with cleft deformity usually face such discrimination right from their home which extends even far beyond their known premises. Bipro, aged 3 years-6months, born with cleft lip and palate deformity had to face a similar situation at such a tender age. Like little boys of his age, Bipro loves reading and playing with his friends. Yet, at times his friends would make fun of his facial deformity and he would become lonely and sad.

In spite of being mocked, Bipro was fortunate to some extent. Unlike most cleft cases where the immediate family disowns and neglects the affected child, Bipro’s family members and neighbours were supportive. As soon as Bipro’s parents heard about Mission Smile from a relative they contacted us. Bipro received his first cleft lip surgery at BNR Hospital during our Kolkata mission. Even then, the kid was partly healed and his feeding problem persisted as a result of his yet-to-be-operated-on cleft palate.

So, Bipro was recommended by the doctors for a second surgery to correct his cleft palate deformity. The doctor assured that after his second surgery, Bipro would be healed completely and would not have any feeding difficulty. His parents too were hopeful and couldn’t wait to see the miracle happen.

Finally, on 25th June 2019, 2 years after undergoing his first surgery, Bipro received his cleft palate surgery at Mission Smile’s Kolkata Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre at Flemming Hospital, Topsia.  Presently, Bipro has recovered and his remaining feeding problems are no more. The happy parents have expressed their heartfelt thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff of Mission Smile for rekindling their hope by gifting Bipro his smile.

There are thousands of children from across India awaiting cleft surgeries and a new life thenceforth. We’re determined to bring smiles to them. But we need your contribution to cover the surgery costs and the costly medication thereafter. Help us.

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