The Transformation of Senrik’s Smile - Mission Smile

Senrik came to us when he was just a year old. His two elder brothers had been born perfectly healthy. Senrik, however, had been born with a cleft lip which shocked his parents.
Senrik’s parents were further informed that their youngest baby also had a cleft palate. His parents were naturally very worried for his well-being, especially as the condition was not common in the family and the parents hadn’t met anyone with a cleft before. They were also concerned about the reaction of their friends and family.

Senrik’s family and the community, however, did not ostracise the child. In a show of sympathy and understanding, which is rare in such cases, everyone was eager to meet the newborn and help his parents. They assured the family that the disease is common and could be cured.
Senrik’s paediatrician informed his parents about the free and comprehensive cleft care offered by Mission Smile at our Guwahati centre.
Upon arriving at the centre, Senrik’s parents were surprised to see so many children like their little son who had come for their cleft lip treatment. They were amazed to see wonderful care provided at the centre.

Senrik was examined and selected for surgery. A year later when he returned for a post-surgery check-up, his lip and palate had healed completely. He can now eat properly and is growing into a wonderful and lively child. His mother is very happy with her son’s transformation and she thanks Mission Smile for this miracle.

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