Her Waiting Pays Off - Little Monali's Cleft Palate Deformity Rectified!

Let us introduce you to Monali, a one-year-nine-months old baby girl. In most cases, parents are able to identify their child’s cleft deformity just after their birth, or they’re being informed by the attending medical practitioner. But Monali’s case was different.

At birth, her family did not notice her cleft palate deformity and to their surprise, the doctor too overlooked informing her condition to the parents! Thereby, Monali began experiencing problems in breathing and feeding. The fathomless difficulty and pain of the new-born continued for 12 long days. The parents could feel that their baby was experiencing some sort of difficulty but could not identify the reason, as because unlike cleft lips, ‘cleft palate deformities’ cannot be identified without a medical examination.

On the 13th day, the parents took her to a doctor where they were informed of the baby’s cleft palate deformity. On their second visit to the doctor at the govt. hospital the baby looked weak and was low on body weight. The doctor suspected anemia and as an immediate measure little Monali was transferred to ICU. But there was no respite to the suffering of the baby, neither was any relief for the parents!  After getting discharged from the hospital Monali’s parents could stay at home for only 17 more days before she was hospitalized yet again. This time, the wait was even longer! Only after a 4-month-long hospital stay, under medical supervision, little Monali was finally getting improved! She gained weight by 5 kgs and was diagnosed fit and free of infections.

Next, the family was referred to visit Mission Smile’s Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre for cleft palate rectification surgery. Our doctors examined Monali but found that her weight was still inappropriate for surgery. Monali was referred to GC4’s ‘Nutrition Program where it took her a long time to increase her weight. Finally, their waiting paid off! During their 4th visit to GC4, at the time of our Difficult Cases Week at GC4, Monali was screened by the Swedish doctors, who had come to volunteer, and was selected for surgery.  The international surgery team performed her surgery with the utmost care. The result was amazing! Monali’s cleft palate was rectified and the happy family went back with their smiling child!

We will be following up little Monali’s journey of recovery and will be sharing the updates. Thanks to our donors and volunteers with whose help we were able to help Monali!

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