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How far can you go for a Smile?

Moukhan waiting for his SmileSadukhan Narzari was determined when he set foot outside his hut that morning. A small farmer with 9 mouths to feed, daily living was hard enough, so affording surgery for his child was close to impossible. He heard of Mission Smile free Cleft surgery for his son from an ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) worker who visited their village and did not want the opportunity to slip through.

Moukhan Before his Surgery

Moukhan Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Child

Moukhan, his youngest son, was 8 years old. Unlike his four daughters and other three sons, his youngest son was born with Cleft Lip & Palate deformity. Moukhan was good in studies, and despite the cruel name-calling, he continued going to school. His father was worried about his future. Apart from difficulty in eating and drinking, his nasal voice was very difficult to understand. As a result, at the playful age of 8, Moukhan was reserved and usually kept to himself and his family.

Will Moukhan be selected for the surgery, is what kept on coming to his father’s mind.

But his father wanted all the pain that Moukhan was suffering to end. With this resolve, they left their home at dawn, and walked 15 kms on foot, at  times Sadukhan carried his son in his arms. They finally reached the bus terminus in Sonitpur for a 8 hours journey to Guwahati. 

Reaching our centre at Guwahati, for the first time, Sadukhan saw many children like his son. Moukhan was screened and was found fit for the surgery. At last the long and hard journey started to make sense.

8 year old playful Moukhan

8 year old playful Moukhan

Moukhan played in the child-life area and smiled at his father when he was wheeled into the operation room. As Sadhukhan waited it felt like the longest two hours of his life.

After two hours as the nurses brought Moukhan out to the ward, his father could not believe his eyes when he saw his son. He had tears in his eyes and thanked every one around profusely.

It was nothing short of a miracle for the family.

The proud father and son returned to their village the next day. The villagers were very surprised with the change that is possible for a kid . The superstitions and misconception  that their community had about Cleft children is also changing.

Moukhan with his father after surgery

Moukhan after surgery

As for Moukhan now, he is loving his school like never before and none of his friends call him ‘Hala’ or ‘Broken Lip’ again.

A surgery brings change and impacts not only the child and his family but also the community  and it is children like Moukhan who need us and by giving them surgery we give them a chance to face the world with a new Smile.

For just INR 12,000 (USD 200), you can sponsor the surgery of another child like Moukhan. Help us to Help Them.



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