Little Adrija recovered from malnutrition to receive her cleft surgery

While our nation is constantly on the verge of advancements, yet the cries of many cleft babies remain unheard. Negligence, illiteracy, social obligations and lack of financial support obstruct these little kids from getting the proper surgical treatment needed to complete their recovery from cleft to smile. Adrija’s life would have followed a similar curve, had she not reached Mission Smile!

Adrija is an 8-month-old girl child who was born with a cleft lip. During our district screening activities, we found her severely malnourished. On inquiring her parents, we came to know that her mother is also afflicted with cleft deformity. She received her cleft lip surgery in her childhood from a government hospital but her cleft palate surgery is yet to be done. Adrija’s cleft deformity traumatized her mother as she never thought that same fate would befall her child as was hers!

Besides, the parents did not have the means to proceed further for their daughter’s treatment. Apart from the financial crisis, the mother also faced mental stress and humiliation from her in-laws. Her only strength was her husband’s support who never left them alone amid the stressful environment they had to face. Adrija’s malnutrition, however, delayed her surgery.

Ever since our team identified Adrija, under our nutrition program at Kolkata Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre (KC4) the pediatricians are performing regular check-ups and conducting tests and diagnosis thereby monitoring Adrija’s health condition. We are also providing training to her mother so that she can feed her cleft child properly and maintain her daughter’s diet to make sure she reaches proper body-weight. Owing to improvement in Adrija’s health condition lately, we are expecting her to become fit for surgery soon.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet!” We hope it will be proved once again in the case of little Adrija!

Wish her good luck!


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