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Remember Miriam? Just about a year ago, we had introduced you to the little girl, who was only 3 years of age, then. But in spite of her tender age, she bore fathomless pain since birth, with complete blindness in one eye and defect in the other eye together with severe cleft lip and palate deformities. And as if her physical disabilities weren’t enough, non-cooperation and ill-treatment from their relatives and the community she belongs to added woes to her parents’ uncertainty concerning her future.

Their uncertainty, however, was short-lived. Despite several challenges, Miriam’s mother remained mentally strong and determined to cure her child’s deformity. When she learned about Mission Smile’s Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre (GC4), Miriam’s mother immediately took her there for treatment. But again, luck wasn’t on her side! Miriam was underweight and hence at first, surgery was denied by the doctors. Instead, the little girl was put under the ‘nutrition program’ to gain proper weight and nourishment before they could reevaluate her eligibility for surgery.

During the evaluation, a couple of weeks later, she again showed symptoms of illness due to which her surgery was postponed yet again. But the mother was resilient and she never gave up on her child and kept returning for check-ups. Yet, every time some issue or the other popped up and hindered Miriam’s selection for surgery.

Miriam’s days of misery finally ended when, during her 18th visit to GC4 at the time of on-going Difficult Cases Week, the Swedish doctors, who came to volunteer selected her for surgery.  As per their decision, Miriam’s surgery was divided into two phases –the first phase was completed during the Difficult Cases Week itself, while the second phase of the surgery was done later last year on 6th Sept 2018.

The first surgery itself corrected much of Miriam’s facial deformities. The second surgery restored her remaining deformity to a satisfying level. Seeing her post facial reconstructive surgery no one would say that she once had such excessive deformity. Even the 4-year-old girl herself may never have thought such a miracle would happen for her. Her parents were teary-eyed with happiness. When they first saw their girl smiling like never before.

However, Miriam would need to undergo a third minor surgery to beautify her face in six months’ time. Her parents have already started planning for their daughter’s future once her final surgery gets over. They want to make her a strong woman who one day should be able to give back to society through her knowledge and dedication.

Miriam was blessed with free surgery and found her life restored from darkness to sunshine. Yet there remain thousands in this country who are victims of cleft deformities and awaiting helping hands to transform their future from cleft to smile. Help them. Donate Now

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