Social Challenges


A child who cannot make him understood may become tactile in his efforts to communicate. This may result in fighting. Teachers and other children may not understand that this behavior stems from a simple desire to communicate.

Lack of friends and support network:

Due to this deformity the child feels ashamed of coming out of their house, so they lack in making friends and also lack of support network.^

Associated blind beliefs: Lets have some interesting superstitions followed in India:

If the mother drinks more milk, then the complexion of the baby will be light.

After the baby is born, the umbilical cord falls off after some time, and when it falls it should not touch the ground.

The expectant mother should not look at the eclipsed moon, as it can cause deformities to the unborn child such as cleft lip or club foot.

Lack of Confidence:

It is evident that with various limitations that individuals with cleft lip and palate experience, they are bound to encounter various social problems. Anxiety and depression have also been reported to be twice as prevalent in adults with cleft lip and palate compared with normal controls. Difficulties are also experienced in relation to behavioral problems and satisfaction with facial appearances.

Know about taking care of a cleft child.

Proper nutrition can prevent Cleft-birth.

Report a Cleft child in your locality for free surgery.