Little Miriam Is On The Road To Recovery From Cleft To Smile

Let us introduce you to Miriam, a 3 year 8 months old little girl who had to bear fathomless pain and anxiety from her birth due to her blindness in one eye and defect in her other eye together with severe cleft lip and palate deformities.

The only good news for the unfortunate child was that her mother stood strong giving her shelter and support in spite of non-cooperation and ill-treatment from their relatives and even the community at large! It all began when Miriam’s parents were eagerly awaiting the birth of their second child. Anticipation grew strong as her mother was taken into labour. To their utter dismay, she gave birth to Miriam, a blind baby girl with a bulging eye and severe cleft lip and palate!

The hope of the family was shattered and all wraths fell upon the newborn baby. Moreover, the baby was taken to ICU due to medical complications and was kept for 21 days, the first few of those days being critical to her survival. Her mother wasn’t informed either for the first few days about her child’s blindness and cleft deformities. Yet when she saw her she couldn’t control her tears -a mothers’ heart after all!

Despite all challenges and health issues of the child, the mother remained mentally strong and determined to treat her child out of this deformity. Miriam was brought to GC4 by her mother where due to her underweight she was first denied surgery and was suggested to be put on a nutrition plan by our doctors.

On their second visit to GC4, during screening for surgery, Miriam showed a few symptoms of illness for which the surgery had to be postponed.  She kept visiting GC4 with Miriam for 18 times and every time certain health problems came in the way preventing the surgery. Hers’ was a critical case and needed special care.

Finally on her 18th visit during Difficult Cases Week of GC4 Miriam was screened by Swedish doctors, who had come to volunteer, and was selected for surgery.  The international surgery team decided to operate on Miriam in two separate phases. The first phase of the surgery was done during Difficult Cases Week this year and happy mother went back with her child with deformity partially removed. The second phase has been scheduled for next year when the remaining deformities of cleft lip and palate will be rectified. It took 4 hours for the surgery to complete successfully.

We will be following up little Miriam’s journey of recovery from cleft to smile and will be sharing the updates. Thanks to our donors and volunteers with whose help we were able to help Miriam! You too can help us pen another ‘Smile Story’ for someone like Miriam. Gift a Smile, help us in transforming lives!


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