Mission Smile’s 17000th Smile Story from the North East - Mission Smile

Longbir Ingti Kathar from Assam was our 17000th smile baby from the Northeast. Born with bilateral cleft lips, Longbir’s congenital facial deformity shocked even his parents. It was a heartbreaking sight for the couple; it was the first time they had ever seen a cleft baby. The entire village converged upon their home to see baby Longbir’s facial deformity, out of curiosity, adding to the unfortunate couple’s despair. The family was in shock and very distressed.

When hope seemed distant, good news came along through a source that the new-born can be cured of his deformity for free at Mission Smile’s Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre (GC4). Without wasting time, the family immediately brought the baby to GC4. But even then, luck seemed not in their favour. The doctors examined baby Longbir and instructed his family to bring him for a pre-surgery health review after six months.

Luckily for the parents, after six months of wait, the baby was selected for surgery. On 15th June 2017, Longbir received his surgery. His bilateral cleft was restructured and he was discharged on the following day to go home and recover . Longbir’s transformation from cleft to smile was just a matter of time, and soon enough, the baby was growing up like any other normal kid of his age.  To his parents and family, baby Longbir’s transformation from cleft to smile felt like a great burden of ill-luck  had  been lifted off their shouders. They couldn’t thank Mission Smile enough for helping their baby out of a life of misery to that of dignity.

Mission Smile not only covers surgery cost but also offers free transportation to needy patients and their families who cannot afford the cost. In order to continue offering free surgery to cleft children like Longbir in the Northeast, we look forward to your donation.

Check out our donation catalogue and send your gift to bring smile on the face of a cleft child.


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