Mr. Neville Ching Visits Mission Smile - Mission Smile

Mr. Neville Ching, accompanied by his wife Lucy and their two children, visited Mission Smile from 21st to 28th October to get a  first-hand experience of the transformation brought about by Mission Smile.  Mr. Ching and his company, Capsicum Re have been our partners in bringing smiles across India since 2016.

Mr. Ching spent a day in our Kolkata office and spoke to our staff here. He also went on a tour of the city with his family. The next day they left for Guwahati where the Chings visited our Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre in MMC hospital.  They were impressed with our state-of-the-art facility where his wife also witnessed a surgery under progress.

Mr. Ching and his wife visited two of our patients in their homes’ one before and one after the surgery, to understand the lifestyles and economic backgrounds of the patients we cater to. The Chings are from an affluent background and they were left awe-struck when they visited the homes of our patients Dipok Koibotra and Marvin Boro. They witnessed the abject poverty and the cramped living conditions of the  patients and were moved by their plight.



They bore witness to the change that we have pledged to bring about. Mr. Ching has committed to raise funds for us in Bermuda and we look forward to a fruitful partnership with him.

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