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New Smile, New Transformation

DSC08953Shefali was born with both Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate deformities, but she never knew that her daughter would also born with similar deformities. Satyajit and Shefali were heart-broken when their beautiful daughter Paramita was born with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. Though Shefali underwent the surgical process when she was kid, she knows the pain of living with this deformity.

It was very difficult for Shefali and Satyajit to get right consultation for their child in jungle prone area like Sundarban. On the other hand, it also became difficult for Paramita to swallow her mother’s milk as the milk comes out of her nose due to the missing palate.

Paramita’s father, Satyajit wanted to get her daughter operated but it was difficult for him to afford the cost of the surgery as he is a small farmer who earns very less. Having come to know about Mission Smile and also about the free surgery from a volunteer of Mission Smile who regularly visits the area to identify Cleft children, the parents brought their 8 month old daughter to Mission Smile’s Outreach Centre, NH Hospital in Barasat, West Bengal on 20th January, 2016 travelling for more than 10 hours.

IMG-20160428-WA0009Paramita was screened by doctors and she was found fit for the surgery. Paramita’s surgery was scheduled on 21st January, 2016. When Paramita was taken to the operation theatre the family was very tensed, but the medical volunteers of Mission Smile told the family that everything will be alright and she will be able to smile again. After 1 hour when Paramita was taken out of the operation theatre, the family was relieved and very happy to see Paramita with a new Smile.

The next day when Paramita along with her family set their journey back to their village in Sundarban, they all were smiling. They continuously thanked Mission Smile for making their daughter smile. They also thanked the donor who contributed the money for performing the surgery. It was a new Smile and a new transformation for Paromita.

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