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Nirmala’s Transition from Desolation to a New Hope

Nirmala, a 13 months baby is the first child of Hukmaran Raika and Dalidevi Raika originally from Sultan Nagar, Junapatrasar, Barmer Dist. Rajasthan. They brought her to us with the hope that their daughter could live a normal life free from cleft. This charming and beautiful baby quickly drew our attention and our volunteer Devanshi Trivedi interviewed her parents to unveil her past stories along with their present experiences.

Right from the day when Nirmala’s mother conceived her first child, every member of their family was too excited to greet the newborn. But all their excitements turned into despair when they found the innocent face with cleft lip. The confused as well as nervous parents who have never seen cleft before couldn’t decide what to do and where to go for help. Hukumaran, the single earner of the family worked almost 20 to 25 days in a month to support their daily bread. With a salary of only Rs. 2000 per month, he couldn’t even think of bearing the pocket burning expenses of cleft operation at private hospitals.

Collage_FotorDalidevi describes her little daughter’s daily difficulties in eating food due to cleft lip. Her grandfather was extremely worried about Nirmala’s future as to how will she get married and lead a normal life like others. It was at this point when Mission Smile emerged as the light of hope for the shattered family.

Her cousin brother, Pukhraj Raika, a 14 year old student of class 9, one day while coming back from his tuition classes noticed a poster giving details about the Mission. He immediately mentioned this to parents who went to the nearby Muthoot Fincorp Branch located at New Suma, Vadodara, to find the details.

The Muthoot Branch Manager Ms. Neeta Christian, counselled the parents and brought them for screening to the ISHA Hospital. They were delighted to know that Nirmala could be treated by the mission team and that there would be no fee they would have to pay including their travel, hospital stay, food, or the surgery and medicines.

Nirmala was successfully operated on 27th March 2017 at our Mission in Vadodara, organized in partnership with Muthoot Pappachan Foundation. After the surgery, the family was overjoyed to witness their kid’s pure smile. They thanked our team for their dedicated support and coordination in making this miracle happen and gift Nirmala a new life.