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Ram & Lakshman Playing Before the Surgery

Ram & Lakshman Playing Before the Surgery

During the Mission there were two patients namely Ram & Lakshman, both were 7months old and they truly touched our team by their captivating bright eyes and playful nature. They were twins from a small village Andurwadi, in Bidar district of Karnataka. Their parents Vijay Kumar and Shashikala were very upset, when they saw their first babies born with cleft lip deformity. Shashikala & her mother-in-law looked anxious and nervous when they brought the children to the hospital.

Ram & Lakshman, used to cry a lot as they were unable to eat properly due to their cleft deformities. Vijaykumar & Shashikala were extremely nervous when they saw their babies born with cleft deformity and Shashikala was disturbed mentally since they didn’t know what to do and where to go for the treatment. They took the babies to various hospitals for the surgery, but as the cost of surgery is very high, they were unable to do it and they gave up in the name god!

Other family members and relatives too were not accepting the babies because of their deformities,  most cruel fact was they used to insult both Vijaykumar & Shashikala by saying that God had cursed them for their bad deeds! Vijaykumar & Shashikala both are daily wager and help others in farming and household works. Their joint monthly income is Rs. 6000/-, so it became more difficult for them to get the operation done in a private hospital.

By the time Ram & Lakshman turned 6 months old in January, 2017, they saw an advertisement on a banner about free surgical camp being organized in ESIC Medical College & Hospital by Mission Smile in partnership with Muthoot Pappachan Foundation. Mission Smile’s free surgical camp came like an April shower to rekindle their hopes. One of the branch officials from Muthoot Fincorp Ltd. contacted  the family and arranged their transportation to visit ESIC Medical College & Hospital to be screened by the Mission team. Ram & Lakshman with Mother & Grandmother after surgeryShashikala along with her mother-in-law immediately took the decision and travelled 150km to Gulbarga from their village at Bidar to the Mission Smile’s camp where both Ram and Lakshman underwent surgeries on their cleft lips. The Mission team managed to give beautiful new smiles to the much deserving twins during the Karnataka Mission in January 2017. Their guardians were very happy with the surgical care provided by the Mission team and the hospitality they have received from ESIC Medical College and Hospital.

Thus, Mission Smile restored another family from feelings of shame, ridicule and helplessness… With every smile, with every touch, with every effort, with every hope, Mission Smile is changing the lives of many!

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