Richa Jain's Smile Story - Mission Smile

Richa Jain’s Smile Story

Let us bring more Smiles!

Richa Jain,

Employee of Microsoft, New Delhi.

 Cheer up_filteredA dedicated and energetic team of doctors, nursing staffs, volunteers and program coordinators works together in Mission Smile to correct the deformity caused by Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate. Mission Smile is a Medical Charitable Trust which is providing comprehensive cleft care since 2002 in India.

I had the opportunity to meet this team in action, cheering up the kids prior to surgery and the doctors working to achieve perfect surgery.  The kids and their families reflected nervousness and hopes for a better future. I have seen that due to lack of awareness regarding the corrective surgery, a person born with  cleft lip or palate lives a life full of perils of social stigma and medical challenges.

CalmedIn medical missions, thousands of patients who belong to a very low income stratum or below the poverty line go through the pre-screening for surgery. Many families cannot afford to lose their daily wage for surgery. Mission Smile team is striving to bring smiles to many of these underprivileged children and their families.

Surgery for an hour brings transformation and hope to these lives – hope to live like a normal being, a life full of acceptance and free from ridicules.  In Mission Smile, the aim is to give high quality treatment to the cleft afflicted patients so that they can live a normal life away from the perils of social stigma.

This deformity is completely treatable and is not a “disease” – contrary to what many think. The treatment is simple – includes the initial surgery, speech therapy, dental treatment and oodles of love.

Let all of us bring more smiles together. Dedicating one day of my life to these adorable little ones and their families and Mission Smile, I feel overwhelmed.

Thank you Mission Smile!

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