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Smile from the mission


Susmita is the only child to Subhra and Raju Das. When Subhra came to know that she is pregnant, she was very happy including Raju. But the happiness suddenly turned into disaster when Subhra came to know that her child is born with a deformity. The family was totally unaware about the deformity as they have seen these types of children neither in their village nor in their locality. But though Susmita was born with this deformity the family loved the child like a normal child. They only thought of to cure their daughter from this deformity.

Raju works as a daily wage worker and always in a need to find work to feed his family as he is the only bread earner of the family. The family waited long to get a chance for making their daughter smile. The family came to know about this deformity and also about the organization which provides surgery for free from a local club named Netaji Sangha Club in Ballichak.

The family travelled for more than 3 hrs by train and 2 hrs by bus to reach the mission site in Topsia, Kolkata. The whole family was surprised to see that Susmita was not the only child to be born with this deformity. Susmita underwent screening procedure on 23rd November, 2015 and she was found fit for surgery and on 24th the surgery was scheduled.

The next day when Susmita was playing in the child life area her family was a bit tensed about the surgery. After an hour or so when Susmita was brought to the ward; her family was overjoyed by seeing the face of Susmita.




The next day on 25th when the family started their journey to go back their village in Ballichak, the family thanked Mission Smile and the whole team from making their daughter smile again. They thanked the donor by whose help their daughter can smile now.

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