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Sandip Paramanik 1 (Before)

Ekadoshi was very happy when she realise that she is pregnant. The news not only made her happy, but also made Prashanta and his entire family happy. After 9 months when the baby was born, the doctor told to the family that the child is born with a deformity. But it was never thought by Prashanta and Ekadoshi that the child will be born with Cleft lip and also with Cleft palate.

The family was not aware of the deformity and also was not aware that the deformity can be healed and their child can smile, speak and also eat like all other normal children do. The whole family cursed the mother for giving birth to this baby. Prashanta the father of Sandip also cursed and abused her for giving birth to this deformed baby. He was under immense shock and also can’t think what to do and what not to do. Sandip was kept like that for 1.2 years and after a long time back they got the news that the deformity can be healed and Sandip can Smile again.

Mission Smile organized a pre-screening camp in Ghatakpukur a village in South 24 Parganas. With the help of distributing leaflets and also creating awareness through loud campaigning the couple came to know about this deformity. The couple attended the Pre-screening camp and their child was selected for attending the screening camp.

After travelling for more than 3 hours by bus they reached the screening camp in Topsia. The couple were surprised to see that Sandip is not the only child born with this deformity but there were 100 of children waiting for a chance to get back there smile.

Sandip went through the screening process and in the evening the couple came to know that Sandip to know that Sandip is selected for the surgery.

The surgery procedure was planned on 27th January. Sandip was playing happily in the child-life area but the family was tensed thinking of the surgery procedure. After an hour or so, when Sandip came out of the OT, the family was happy to see their child’s face.

In the next morning when the family left for their village, the whole family thanked Mission Smile for making this happen.

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