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Nikhil with his mother before Jayag & Kanchan were very excited before the birth of Nikhil, but all of their excitement turned into a despair when they heard from the doctors that their son, Nikhil is born with a facial deformity called cleft lip. Their elder daughter did not had any such deformity hence they were worried about their son.

Nikhil’s parents had not seen anything like this before, so they felt sad and most of all scared about how the world will treat their child.

Jayag earns as little amount as INR 8000 ($120) per month as a car painter, it was next to impossible for him to go to any private hospital to get his child operated for this deformity. Everyone including their neighbors consoled them. The neighbors told them not to worry and consult a good doctor, but with their financial condition this was expensive too.

We organize regular awareness campaigns in different villages to educate people about corrective remedies for cleft patients. They came to know about Mission Smile from one such campaign in their area. They visited our smile centre at Siliguri as it was closest from their village.Nikhil after surgery

Dr. Partha Sadhu operated on Nikhil for an hour and corrected the cleft on Nikhil’s lip successfully. The next day after surgery, Nikhil was discharged and the happy parents & son started the journey back to their village.

Kanchan loved the change that the surgery brought to his son’s face. She wants her son to become an engineer and her elder daughter a Police Officer.

We wish may all her dreams come true.

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