Smile with Bittu - Mission Smile


Saraswati was very happy when she came to know that she is pregnant. When the whole family came to know about this the environment of the family turned like a festival. After the whole 9 months when the baby was born to Saraswati and Biswanath Das, the happiness suddenly disappeared as the baby was born with a deformity. The family could not believe their eyes that their first child is born with a deformity.

They immediately went to the doctor for consultation and the doctor gave them the solution that this deformity can be cured and he will be normal like others. The doctor told them about the camp where this children was screened to get operated and told them to visit Netaji Sangha Club in Ballychak for further details. The family was happy to hear it from the doctor and they went to Netaji Sangha Club along with Bittu to attend the pre-screening camp. There the family was told to attend the main screening camp at Flemming Hospital in Topsia, Kolkata.

The family travelled for more than 5 hours to reach the mission site in Kolkata. They were surprised to see 100 of children with the same deformity came for screening site. Bittu went through the whole screening process and he was found fit for the surgery process.





The surgery was conducted on 26th November; in the next morning the whole family was surprised to see the face of their child. The whole family thanked Mission Smile for giving their child a chance to Smile. They also thanked the donor who helped their child to smile and also made him strong enough to be the part of the society.

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