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Tutumoni the only child of Bipul and Nibhamoni Gogoi. When Nibhamoni became pregnant for the first time, she was very happy but the happiness suddenly vanished and ended in a disaster when her first child died at the time of birth. Bipul and Nibhamoni had no support from their families because of their love marriage and after the death of their first child made their condition worser. They could barely support themselves in the meagre income of Bipul as a carpenter under a contractor.

So, they were more cautious during the second time.  They had very high expectation and dreams about their second child as any parents have. The love of their life, Tutumoni was born on April, 2015.  Despite being born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. They looked beyond and choose to ignore the deformity. He was the love of their life, their bundle of joy. But, unfortunately the child did not receive any love from his grandparents and villagers who rumored that the cleft that their child was born with, was a fall-out of their love marriage.

The doctor in their village suggested them about the corrective surgeries that can help their child. The doctor referred them to attend the mission. It took a 10 hours train journey from their village Hatilong Jorhatia in Lakhimpur district to reach Guwahati. They participated in the screening on 27th January, 2016 and went through all the required evaluations. They were glad to hear in the evening that Tutumoni was found fit for surgery and his surgery was scheduled on 28th January.

The parents waited anxiously as the child wheeled into the operation theatre. After the successful operation both the parents were overjoyed by looking at their child.






The parents expressed their heart full gratitude to all the people who made the surgery of their child possible.  On the next day the family along with Tutumoni happily started their journey back to their village.

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