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Yusuf MondalYusuf Mondal is the first baby boy of Mehrum Bibi and Alihim Mondal after two healthy girls aged 9 and 7 years. Yusuf was born in the hospital at a village near Haringhata where the couple stay.

Alihim earns a more or less decent salary in the month but the monsoon season is painstaking for the family as work and pay, both are hampered by the rains and it takes some good efforts to make both ends meet.

Yusuf’s mother Mehrum was quite disappointed when she saw her baby boy with cleft lip. Relatives and family members started speaking of his deformity as Mehrum not following the safe norms during pregnancy. One couldn’t stop the dismay on Alihim’s eyes after he behold the first male child in the family.

No one had any clue on whether there were any corrective measures that could be taken to cure his little bundle of joy. However, Allah seemed to have listened to their prayers. Narayan Sangstha at Barasat started their campaign to help such children in the villages and thus this couple became aware of this plastic surgery for free, at Kolkata during the start of August. Their faces lit with hope but at the same time a surgery on their little baby, how would that go?? What is something happens and it does not come out well.

Yusuf Mondal AfterWith a lot of apprehensions and concern Alihim finally took the great effort to travel all the way with his wife and baby to this surgical procedure. All tests conducted gave a positive result that even though their baby was less than 6 months, his weight made it for the surgery. On 3rd August the surgery was completely successful and lo! Their baby got a new look the cleft almost vanished and the smile looked so cute on his almost perfect face. The parents were extremely happy that their efforts finally bore fruit and they could share their cheer and joy with all in their home. They were proud of their son who at such a tender age gave such a brave show and won their hearts

Tandra Mohanty – Volunteer from India Power Corporation Ltd.

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