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Little Nirmala’s Life Changed Forever

“Never lose hope. The miracle you need may be just around the corner”

Remember Nirmala? The 13-month old baby girl from Junapatrasar, Rajasthan, received her cleft lip surgery at our Vadodara Mission on 27th March, 2017. Now, almost one year on, Nirmala’s mother accompanied by Nirmala’s grandparents came to our Vadodara Mission in January 2018 (organized at Isha Hospital, Vadodara in partnership with Muthoot Pappachan Foundation, between 21-25 Jan) for her check-up. The doctors as well as our entire team at Vadodara Mission were happy beyond words to see Nirmala’s striking recovery – a cute grin is now adorning her innocent face much like little girls of her age!

The mother Dalidevi who once had described her daily hardship in feeding little Nirmala due to her cleft lip deformity or her grandfather who once was extremely worried about Nirmala’s future as to how would she get married and lead a normal life like others, greeted us with a big smile on their faces. The family has emerged from their days of uncertainty and misfortune.

Nirmala’s perfectly restored cleft lip has not only changed her own future but also the lives of the people nearest to her – the parents, grandparents and relatives of her family. We wish Nirmala a bright and healthy future ahead!

Nirmala’s story of transformation is one of thousand other children and adults whom we have been able to help over the years, across India, by removing cleft and bringing smiles into their lives.

We invite you to be a part of our mission of making India a cleft-free nation. Pledge your support.

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