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Ronik ghosh

Ronik Ghosh the only child of Manik Ghosh and Sutapa Ghosh.  He was born with both cleft lip and cleft palate. His father works as a farmer in the Nadia district of West Bengal and his monthly income is around Rs. 2500. When Ronik was born, everybody in the family was very worried since it was the first time a baby with a cleft lip and palate was born in the family. Ronik’s mother, the 19-year-old Sutapa Ghosh was very depressed and she often used to cry and blame her ill fate for the oral malformations of her son. Ronik could not have mother’s milk because of this and instead, his parents had to feed him milk with droppers and other devices since his birth. Manik also admitted that their marital relationship suffered because of the problem and it was only when they came to know about the Mission Smile initiative, the fracture in their marital relationship began to recover and just only for their son they travelled 10 hours in Train and bus to reach the mission site. Their depression was overcome when they saw that there are many such parents and family whose children are suffering from this defect.  Their happiness was immense when they found that their son was found fit for the surgery in the screening day. Manik Ghosh father of Ronik was happy when he first saw his son after the completion of the surgery. He and his wife said that the entire team of Mission Smile was God gifted for them and finally God has listened to their prayers.