Student Program

This is the 3rd year that student programs have been running successfully in India. The overall goals are:

  1. To inculcate values of community, compassion, empathy, social service and dignity of labour in students.
  2. To empower students through leadership development
  3. To provide opportunities for action for students in a way that affirms their self-worth and builds their confidence and sense of responsibility

The core of the student programs is to focus on the four pillars of philanthropy: these are leadership, service, awareness and education.

Leadership: In terms of leadership, we encourage students to participate in missions and be the best of their ability. In 2012 RBKI school in Mumbai organized and lead a Ulead conference as well as went on a mission, they paid for their own trip and hotel to Aurangabad as well as raised money for 60 smile bags and 80 shirts. Another notable student initiative was when two students and a teacher from American School Chennai went on a mission in November 2012 to Orissa.

Education: Under education student teams teach children and adults at the hospital and in the surrounding community about nutrition, burn care and prevention, oral rehydration, and oral hygiene.  Students encourage teaching within their communities as well, whether it is about facial deformities, Mission Smile Youth Programs or Mission Smile itself.

Service: Service is the backbone of the student program, students are encouraged to give back to their local community, this is done by going on missions.

Awareness: Lastly awareness is a necessary element to keeping the student programs going, this is more directly linked to fundraising; this is done through fliers, posters and pamphlets. As people become more aware of Mission Smile and its program, they are more likely to give up their time and money for the cause. Awareness can be as simple as wearing a Mission Smile button or t-shirt. With all of this implemented, the Mission Smile students raise a lot of money through Fundraising, the process of soliciting and gathering voluntary contributions as money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies .