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Volunteering helps to make a difference

Dr. Partha Sadhu, Plastic Surgeon, Volunteer, Mission Smile

20150713_214427-1Dr. Partha Sadhu, renowned plastic surgeon and a credentialed plastic surgeon of Mission Smile is dedicated to make a difference to the lives of the needy Cleft children through voluntary service. Dr. Sadhu has been a devoted medical volunteer of Mission Smile since inception.

Now, after years of his association with Mission Smile and volunteering for these needy children, Dr. Sadhu feels, “Volunteering helps me to make a difference, no matter how small, to the lives of these patients. It is not only about helping a single child; it’s about helping a family and of course, the entire community through volunteerism. “

Dr. Sadhu recalled, it was during the initial days of his career when he had started working for these cleft children. During his training period, he came across the gloomy scenario of Cleft in India and many cases of poor results after cleft surgery.

Dr. Sadhu said that there are millions of children who are still waiting for good surgical care for their cleft deformities. This poor condition motivated him to volunteer for these children. Now, Mission Smile has reached far beyond surgery; it provides comprehensive cleft care to its patients. Mission Smile is successfully providing healed smiles to many children with its life transforming surgeries.

Medical Missions not only helped to provide the much needed surgery to a large number of Cleft patients in a short time but also served as a platform of learning and sharing best practices for the volunteers. Hence, Mission Smile has planned 11 Medical Missions in upcoming year and is accepting volunteers for many of them.

Dr. Sadhu believes that Mission Smile can serve the community better by focusing an inclination for scientific research and also investing better orthodontic treatment and speech therapy in future.